Praise for The Glass Wives

From Booklist:  “Nathan, host of the popular Women’s Fiction Writer’s blog, proves she knows her audience as her first novelhits all the right notes. When Evie Glass’ ex-husband dies suddenly, she recognizes that his death will exact a tremendous emotional and economic toll on her and her two young children. What she is not immediately aware of, however, is the effect the shattering event will have on her relationship with the second Mrs. Glass. Nicole, the recently widowed trophy wife and new mother, stubbornly continues to attempt to connect with Evie and her kids, and Evie initially resists her overtures. When financial circumstances dictate that the two women join households, she and her nontraditional family must not only learn to navigate negative suburban gossip but also deal with their feelings of abandonment, entitlement, and betrayal. Jodi Picoult fans will appreciate the surprising twists embedded in this thought-provoking narrative.”— Margaret Flanagan

From RT Book Reviews: “Nathan’s story is a poignant reflection of forgiveness and the complicated definition of family, strengthened by the intricate characters who are realistically balanced by their strengths and flaws…the plot and characters are heart-warming and the ending is inspiring and thought-provoking.”

In The Glass Wives, Amy Sue Nathan gives us two women facing the same loss. The improbable relationship that develops between them is a fascinating look at friendship, and an insightful exploration of the lengths mothers will go to for the sake of their children.—Meg Waite Clayton, nationally bestselling author of The Four Ms. Bradwells, The Wednesday Sisters, The Language of Light and The Wednesday Daughters (in stores July 30!)

“An intricate look at one woman’s struggles as she works through unexpected loss and new challenges to redefine the concept of ‘family.’ Culturally rich, believable, and ultimately engrossing.” —Therese Walsh, author of The Last Will of Moira Leahy

“In The Glass Wives, Amy Sue Nathan examines what it means to build an unconventional family when the original families shatter suddenly and irreparably into pieces. Nathan’s adept writing, wry humor, and authentic emotion carried me effortlessly from the beginning of this tender and hopeful debut novel to its satisfying end.”—Julie Kibler, author of Calling Me Home

 “Reading The Glass Wives is like driving down a familiar street and having one of the houses you thought you knew open up on hinges to reveal its secrets. Nathan firmly but with good humor peels back the layers of suburban “normal” to reveal ethical ambiguity under a publicly rigid moral code and tenuous bonds between strangers under strict definitions of family. Evie Glass is the neighbor you want to know all about, and her story is told with charm and frankness to create an illustration of friendship and motherhood that feels very real.”—Lydia Netzer, author of Shine, Shine, Shine, a 2012 NY Times Notable Book

“In THE GLASS WIVES, Amy Sue Nathan has created a thoughtful examination of family in its many incarnations.  A heartwarming story of love, loss and rugelach.”—Brenda Janowitz, author of Recipe For A Happy Life

“Rich in authenticity and detail, THE GLASS WIVES addresses the softening that happens when we let go of the past, and the strength that ensues when we face the present on our own terms.” —Sandra Kring, best-selling author of The Book of Bright Ideas

“With extraordinary empathy, Amy Sue Nathan explores a blended group of friends and relatives we’ve not seen before. In Evie Glass, Nathan has given us a woman who learns that sometimes it’s the imperfect relationships that can knit a troubled family back together. THE GLASS WIVES is brimming with heart and humor.” —Randy Susan Meyers, author of The Murderer’s Daughters