The Last Bathing Beauty

Hope is Always in Season...

Everything seemed possible in the summer of 1951. Back then, Betty “Boop” Stern was an eighteen-year-old knockout working at her grandparents’ resort. The “Catskills of the Midwest” was the perfect place for Betty to prepare for bigger things. She’d head to college in New York City. Her career as a fashion editor would flourish. On the precipice of a well-planned life, Betty’s future was limitless. She’d enjoy this wondrous last summer at the resort falling deeply in love with an irresistible college boy, and competing in the annual Miss South Haven pageant.

Decades later, the choices of that long-ago season still reverberate for Betty, now known as Boop. Especially when her granddaughter comes to her with a dilemma. It echoes Boop’s own past of first love, broken hearts, and faraway dreams. It’s time to finally face the past–for the sake of her family and her own happiness. Maybe, in reconciling the life she once imagined with the life she lived, she’ll discover it’s never too late for a second chance.

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Also by Amy Sue Nathan